State Visit of TTMM the King and the Queen of the Belgians to the Hellenic Republic #BELGRC2022
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Useful information

On these pages you will find various practical information which can be useful to know before or during your stay in the Hellenic Republic. It contains information such as required documents, COVID-19 information, flights and participants' badges.

Travel advice

Please read carefully the travel advice for the Hellenic Republic published by the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs:

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In French

All measures foreseen in this travel advice fully apply during the State Visit.

COVID-19 update for Greece*

To enter Greece:

Travelers visiting Greece from Belgium are no longer required to fill out the Passenger Locator Form (PLF). A simplified, but optional PLF form can still be filled out, enabling travelers to easily register COVID-19 test results in Greece (if needed).

To enter Greece the only remaining requirement at the moment is that they are in the possession of a valid European Union Digital Covid Certificate:

a) Vaccination certificate (for those who have completed vaccination for COVID-19 at least fourteen (14) days before arrival) valid for 9 months after the completion of the basic vaccination and without time limit for travellers who have received the booster dose, or

b) Recovery certificate from SARS-CoV-2 infection issued 14 days after the day of the first positive COVID-19 test (PCR or Rapid Antigen test) and valid for 180 days thereafter, or

c) Certificate of negative test result, namely, negative molecular test result (PCR) performed up to 72 hours before the scheduled arrival or negative Rapid Antigen test result performed up to 24 hours before the scheduled arrival.

Travelers in possession of a valid CST certificate no longer need to provide an extra negative COVID test result upon arrival.


Local measures:

Foreign visitors must follow all measures that apply to Greek citizens.

From May 1st to August 31st the obligation to show a valid European Union Digital Covid Certificate for access to indoor public areas is lifted.

Face masks are still mandatory in all public indoor spaces (hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, museums, etc.) until May 31st. A high protection mask (FFP2 or N95) or a double mask is required in supermarkets, pharmacies and on public transportation.



COVID-19 tests are available at pharmacies, test centers, hospitals and at the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.

Depending on the location, the prices can vary, but the cost for COVID-19 PCR tests cannot exceed 47 euros, and for Rapid Antigen tests at 10 euros.

Patients needing COVID-19 tests or exhibiting possible symptoms may contact the COVID-19 hotline at 1135 for guidance on testing and referral for medical care. 



In case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, visitors in Greece are expected to self-isolate for a period of at least 5 days, starting on the day after the positive test result. After this period, travelers may only be released from quarantine if the symptoms have receded and the individual is feverless.

After self-isolation it is mandatory to wear high protection masks (FFP2 or N95) or two masks for at least another 5 days.


*Subject to change