Connectivity and Language


Internet is included in your room rate.

The country code for the Republic of South Africa is +27.


In South Africa, the power sockets are of type C, D, M and N. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. The hotel rooms in the Sheraton Pretoria and in the Westin Cape Town hotel are provided with USB chargers and European power sockets.



The official currency of  South Africa is the South African Rand (code: ZAR). 

1 EUR = 19.61 ZAR

1 ZAR = 0.05 EUR

To check the currency rate please use this website.

Remember to notify your bank that you will be travelling to South Africa and using your bank cards.



Some useful expressions in Afrikaans:


Good morning - Goeiemôre

How are you? - Hoe gaan dit?

Thank you very much - Baie dankie

Where is the bathroom? - Waar is die badkamer?

Do you speak English? - Praat jy Engels?

How much does this cost? - Hoeveel kos hierdie?

I don’t understand - Ek verstaan nie

Please - Asseblief

Do you have WiFi? - Het julle WiFi?

How far is that? - Hoe ver is dit?

Can I please have some water? - Kan ek water kry asseblief?